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Genuine Blue Verditer Extrafine Watercolor

8,03 13,36  VAT included

Extrafine single pigment Genuine Blue Verditer watercolor by Nila Colori.

Available in full and half pans.

Genuine Blue Verditer Extrafine Watercolor – Half Pan (2,5 ml)
8,03  VAT included
Genuine Blue Verditer Extrafine Watercolor – Full Pan (5 ml)
13,36  VAT included


Our extrafine single pigment Genuine Blue Verditer watercolor is prepared with Genuine Blue Verditer inorganic mineral pigment, chemically basic copper carbonate. This is an historical pigment, which was mostly prepared during the 16th and 17th century as a replacement of its natural equivalent, i.e. the mineral azurite. This mineral was actually very expensive, but also the most important blue pigment during the Middle Ages and the Reinassance.

Genuine Blue Verditer watercolor by Nila Colori has a bright light blue color, tending to green, with important granulationlow tinting strength, extremely transparent and lightfast. 

Genuine Blue Verditer pigment is milled with just the right amount of a mixture of Kordofan gum arabic (binder) and vegetable glycerin (humectant and plasticyzer). These are the ingredients which are historically the main characters in the production of the watercolors and which give the best results regarding ease and pleasantness of painting. We don’t add any filler or any other organic compound, which might alter the color over time.

Incompatible with sulfur based pigments, because it would tend to blacken if in contact with them. Please avoid mixing it with Ultramarine colors and Cadmium Reds and Yellows.

Code: VER

Colouring agent: Basic copper carbonate

C.I.: PB30

Lightfastness: BWS 8/8

Transparency: Transparent

Series: 5

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Available versions

Full Pan (5 ml), Half Pan (2,5 ml)