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Cadmium Red Deep Extrafine Watercolor

9,80 15,80  VAT included

Extrafine single pigment Cadmium Red Deep watercolor by Nila Colori.

Available in full and half pans.

9,80  VAT included
15,80  VAT included


Our extrafine single pigment watercolor Cadmium Red Deep is prepared with pure Cadmium Red Deep inorganic mineral pigment, chemically cadmium sulfide and selenide. This is an historical pigment from contemporary age, produced some decades after the introduction of the analogous yellow. Its use was widespread during the XXth century and it’s still one of the most used reds in painting.

Cadmium Red Deep watercolor by Nila Colori, prepared with this pure pigment, is extremely lightfast, has high tinting strengthcovering power and brightness. It’s one of the colors which shows a moderate drying shift.

Cadmium Red Deep pigment is milled with just the right amount of a mixture of Kordofan gum arabic (binder) and vegetable glycerin (humectant and plasticyzer). These are the ingredients which are historically the main characters in the production of the watercolors and which give the best results regarding ease and pleasantness of painting. We don’t add any filler or any other organic compound, which might alter the color over time.

It’s incompatible with copper based pigments, which might darken because of hydrogen sulfide which it might free in time: avoid to combine it with MalchiteVerditer and Egyptian Blue.

Code: CDRD

Colouring agent: Cadmium Selenosulfide

C.I.: PR108

Lightfastness: BWS 8/8

Transparency: Opaque

Series: 4

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