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Pigment Genuine Malachite

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Mineral Pigment Genuine Malachite by Nila Colori.

Available in 10 g, 50 g, 100 g, 500 g and 1 kg.

50 grams
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100 grams
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500 grams
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1 kg
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The Pigment Genuine Malachite by Nila Colori is prepared with pure Malachite mineral, chemically a basic copper carbonate. Malachite is a mineral that has been used for millennia as a pigment: the Egyptians made use of it as cosmetic, it is present in paintings of ancient China, as well as in medieval miniatures. Nila Colori has used the traditional process followed since centuries to prepare this pigment, treating the mineral by grinding and purifying it.

Genuine Malachite pigment by Nila Colori, is extremely lightfast, transparent and has a low tinting strength.

C.I.: PG39

Use: In fine arts for the preparation of watercolors, temperae, oil colors and acrylics.

Lightfastness: BWS 8/8

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10 grams, 50 grams, 100 grams, 500 grams, 1 kg, 5 kg