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6 Extrafine Watercolors Set – Venus Collection


Venus Collection Set with 24 extrafine watercolors in half pans by Nila Colori.



We have created our Venus Collection Set with 6 extrafine watercolors in half pans by Nila Colori. The Venus Collection Set is a complete set of the main shades of green.

Inside this set you will find 6 shades of green that recall the color traditionally associated to this planet.

Among the various shades you can admire a new color: Interference Green, a pearl color seen on white and surprisingly bright and metallic on a dark background.

The Venus Collection Set by Nila Colori is made up of 6 extrafine watercolors handcrafted in Italy, in half pans, contained in a metal box inside a green colored cardboard case made with Fabriano handmade paper.

  • Interference Green (N/A)
  • Genuine Malachite (PG39)
  • Cobalt Turquoise Deep (PB36)
  • Maya Green (NB1)
  • Cobalt Green (PG50)
  • Chromium Oxide Green (PG17)

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