Welcome to Nila Colori Acquerelli Extrafine, where our story unfolds in the subtle elegance of pigments and in the delicate lines of inspiration. Founded by Carlo Ferrara, our journey is one of curiosity, passion and an unshakable connection with the natural world.

Carlo, a 2010 graduate in Chemical Engineering, embarked on a unique trajectory as a researcher in the dynamic landscapes of Milan and Zurich. His academic pursuits took an unexpected turn when he earned a diploma in naturopathy, revealing a newfound sensitivity to nature's delicate balance.

In 2015, Carlo's fascination with the richness of natural colors ignited a creative spark. This marked the beginning of his exploration into the artistry of watercolors. Drawn to the allure of historical, mineral, and plant-based pigments, Carlo set out to create a palette that mirrored the beauty of the world around us.

The journey wasn't without its challenges. Carlo navigated the delicate dance between tradition and innovation, seeking harmony in age-old techniques infused with a modern touch. Nature, his silent mentor, guided him towards sustainable practices, shaping the ethos of Nila Colori.

Today, Nila Colori Extrafine Watercolors stands as a living expression of Carlo's dedication and the evolution of his craft.

Each color is a reflection of his artistic journey – from a researcher and naturopath to an artisan whose creations grace canvases with a natural vibrancy.

As you explore our palette, envision the unfolding narrative of discovery and creativity. Join us in celebrating Carlo Ferrara's exploration of pigments and let Nila Colori inspire your artistic expression with the hues of nature. Your artistic travel begins here.