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Contest “Watercolors and Quarantine” announced by Nila Colori

Since April 12th until 30th, Nila Colori organizes a contest open to all the italian watercolorists, illustrators and artists.

Nila Colori announces the “Watercolors and Quarantine” Contest, open until April 30th, for all the Italian watercolorists, illustrators and artists.

The competition is reserved exclusively for Italian artists to allow them, through their own drawings, to answer the question: What does this quarantine mean to me?

We announced this competition through our Facebook and Instagram profiles:

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The first 40 people who wrote to us receive for free three of our watercolors chosen from our catalog, to give vent to their creativity by creating a work of art that responds to the theme of the meaning that quarantine takes on for each.
Through this initiative we want to create union and above all to give the opportunity to artists to actively participate in this situation and express themselves with color.

The goal of the contest “Watercolors and Quarantine” is to collect later all the witnesses and artistic representations, from different parts of Italy to give light to the daily life and emotions that Italians are experiencing.
All this aims to create a historical document, which will then become fundamental to tell how people are facing this difficult and unusual situation in our country, in an artistic way.

At the end of the competition we will extract a winner via a poll on our website putting up our Spring Set.

For everyone else we are working on a further surprise that will be announced soon.